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Our story has started in 1998

We accompany your digital transformation with experience and technology.

KORA is a software company that was founded in 1998 with intellectual capital and has adopted the principle of creating value for organizations by combining its expertise in information technologies with business processes experience.


Kora is Oracle's first business intelligence partner in Turkey.


Founded with the vision to benefit from data with analytics, KORA is today a company that develops domestic products in the field of artificial intelligence. R&D activities are carried out in ITU Teknokent .


The domestic technology initiative WINWAI continues its activities as KORA's manufacturer brand in artificial intelligence. WINWAI is supported by GarantiPartners.



KORA is your solution partner with deep project experience in Oracle technologies and analytical products. With this know-how, KORA provides its customers with the best solution at the most affordable cost, adds value to organizations in all subjects it specializes in, establishes smart systems with artificial intelligence technologies, and provides project and consultancy services.

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